Roof & Gutter Maintenance

Leaking roofs and gutters cause a lot of disruption, not only externally but also internally as leaks can damage stock, equipment and cause a slipping hazard. BSSB are roof and gutter specialists with over 30 years experience in Commercial & Industrial roof maintenance, waterproofing and all the associated problems with gutters, down pipes and skylights including Sheet cut edge corrosion works.

We provide Elastomeric roof coatings for minor leak repairs to a complete encapsulation of the roof surface for major repairs. We offer re-sheeting to existing roofs, protective coatings, cleaning using High Pressure Jetting to remove vegetation and debris, which can reduce the lifespan of a roof, followed by the application of a fungicide, which eliminates any spores remaining and prevents re-growth saving your company the cost of re-roofing, also skylight replacement and cleaning which can save your company costs in lighting bills.

Leaving gutters blocked will over time cause damp and water damage to the building and can lead to leaks and further problems to the roof itself. We offer complete valley gutter maintenance. We clean the gutters to safely remove vegetation, silt and debris, then if needed, we will repair the gutters providing waterproofing and gutter re-lining which come with a full 10 year guarantee. We recommend a Roof & Gutter survey every 12-24 months, with some of our current customers, that carry high value stock, having surveys done at more regular intervals.

All waste we remove during works at your site is taken away under our own waste carriers license. This work can be combined with Work at Height as we also offer Fall arrest systems checks and fixed ladder access inspection, report, maintenance, alteration and repairs.