Bolt / Anchor Installation & Testing

Bolt / Anchor Installation & testing

BSSB have been established for 30 years carrying out structural fixing and repair, and load testing to a varied client base of ministry of defence, consulting engineers, local authorities, outdoor media companies, building contractors and large retail companies.

We have a wealth of experience in the design and installation of critical anchors, catenaries fixings, cladding restraint anchors, Seasonal decorations fixings, ladder restraint ties and safety eyebolts (including for rope access use BS 7895).

We also carry out load testing of various fixing types with a range from 1kn-30kn, for which we provide comprehensive test reports

Fixings for display banners and seasonal decorations have numerous criteria that determine the fixing requirement. As well as common aspects such as banner weight, wind loading and base substrate, it is also necessary to consider the effects of wire pre-tensioning, cyclical loading and funnel effects on potential wind speeds. Local authorities, retail organisations, museums and shopping centres have all relied on BSSB expertise when installing and maintaining Industrial fixings.

Survey and Installation of fully certified lifting eyebolts for the purpose of lifting heavy machinery, plant and materials.
Load capacity 1kn - 30kn
High Tensile BS and DIN tested to suit various structural arrangements.
BSSB will load test new or existing installations and provide test reports on completion.

Anchor Testing
Our trained technicians will ensure that your anchors have sufficient capacity to carry design loads. To confirm capacity we can carry out testing and provide certificates of conformity. Tensile or shear tests with load displacement graphs can be carried out as required. We have a range of test equipment and can give calibrated measurements for small single fixings through to major critical anchor groups. We also advise anchor test programmes and design bespoke test rigs specifically for individual projects.